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Ludovica and Luca [lu&lu] = lüe + zoo = zoolüe: freelance | art | design | illustrations | interior | exterior | publisher | cibi visivi | words and cocodè!


Design, technology and travels are my passions. I love editing books and creating flat, fancy and most important accessible websites!


Writer and illustrator. I'm lucky to meet day by day amazing creatures and spend my time drawing and writing about their business!

Digital illustration

Need an illustrated image, a funny animation, or a gif to send or download? We are really happy to make it!

Expo & labs

We are open to exposing our creations around the world! Our educational labs encourage children to create and play with recycled toys


We are happy to paint your wall with our terrific animals, fancy creatures and imaginative vegetables or just paste our cute stickers and wallpapers

Paper Events

Whatever you're thinking, we can customize it for you! Exclusive invitation, greeting cards, party decor, planner or beautiful packaging lovely curated